Touhou Exhibition: Mystery Cardboard Museum is a 3D exploration game with light puzzle elements, made for Touhou Pride Jam 4.

7/15 - The post jam version has an improved save system. If you have save data from the jam version, clear your save data for the most stable experience.


One day, Renko and Maribel decide to hit up a local modern art gallery after hearing about the exhibits from college. However after waiting in the lobby, Renko discovers that somehow Maribel has disappeared into the gallery ahead of her. And what's more these strange staff members seem oddly familiar....


  • Joshlynn - Game Design & Systems, Shaders, Gameplay Programmer
  • Hag - Story & Game Design Concept 
  • Jhzargo - 3D Character Art, 3D Environment Art & 2D User Interface Art
  • PixiTales - 2D Character Art & Dialogue System
  • InSuccession - Music


  • WASD/Arrow Keys - Move
  • Left Mouse Click - Toggle Photo Mode
  • Right Mouse Click - Snap Photo
  • Left Shift - Sprint
  • E Key - Interaction
  • G Key - Switch Interaction 
  • F Key - Throw Object
  • Escape - Pause Menu

Minimum Requirements (These requirements are subject to change):

  • Windows 10 or Above
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Dual Core Processer
  • Integrated Graphics


MysteryCardboardMuseum_Windows (Post Jam Version 0.9.0) 98 MB
MysteryCardboardMuseum_MacOS (Post Jam Version 0.9.0) 111 MB
MysteryCardboardMuseum_Linux (Post Jam Version 0.9.0) 116 MB

Development log


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so sweet game


That was super cute! Good job (and thanks for the Linux version).


An organmi art style coupled with cute writing of the 2hu cast, it's a solid experience.  


very cute game. I'm was not sure where to go after this.

Looks like a bug, I'm gonna look into it.


Im stuck on Byakuren's room

What are you stuck on?

(2 edits) (+1)

her puzzle

Don't know what she meant by shielding you always (its a fun game regardless)

Nevermind...found it (the Iron Maiden looking thing)