Version 0.9.0 Changelog

Important Changes:

  • WebGL, MAC and Linux Support
  • Redesigned Stamp Rally
  • Level Design Adjustments.
  • UI Overhaul
  • Specific interactions with characters have changed. 
  • Saving
  • Hint System

Changes (Contains Spoilers):

  • Faster loading times.
  • Every time there is a camera target in the player's view in Photo Mode, the crosshair turns green.
  • Photos now save to the Streaming Assets folder.
  • Game saves at each room the player has last entered with the exception being the last room in the game.
  • Pause menu reworked.
  • Elevator in Floor 1 is now near the Culture Wing door. 
  • Elevators in Floor 2 have changed positions as well.
  • JAXA Room has been entirely reworked to be more interactive.
  • Dialogue box's alpha is higher, along with the dialogue text's color being changed to black. 
  • Interaction change for Modern Art Room when the player is carrying the Spirit prop near Youmu, it'll change the action to talk to Youmu opposed to dropping the object.
  • Interaction change for Culture Wing when the player is carrying any of the origami artifacts near Byakuren, it'll change the action to talk to Byakuren opposed to dropping the object. 
  • Interaction change for Kid's Room where if you talk to Aya, she'll give you a hint if the player presents a photo that doesn't match what she needs.
  • Changed the Flandre challenge to be slightly longer by having more waves. 
  • Added more paintings and photo frames in various rooms.
  • Various SFX additions.

Bug Fixes (Contains spoilers):

  • Loading issues.
  • Not being able to use pause menu while in photo mode. 
  • Camera targets not being detected in the camera's view. 
  • General dialogue errors towards the end of the game.
  • Being stuck in the Flandre challenge room. 
  • Drop zone for hat origami artifact being enabled in the Culture Wing.
  • Disables interaction prompts for certain objects that were once carriable that aren't after completing an objective. 
  • Mouse sensitivity issue where the sensitivity value is zero. 
  • Quests not loading upon restarting game. 
  • Disable photo frame when talking to an NPC. 
  • Adjusted carrying position and scale for various carriable objects.
  • Game softlocking after taking a photo while loading back to the Pop Art Room from the Flandre challenge. 


MysteryCardboardMuseum_Windows (Post Jam Version 0.9.0) 98 MB
Jul 16, 2022
MysteryCardboardMuseum_MacOS (Post Jam Version 0.9.0) 111 MB
Jul 16, 2022
MysteryCardboardMuseum_Linux (Post Jam Version 0.9.0) 116 MB
Jul 16, 2022

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