Chefpocalypse is a turn based RPG about cooking!  Serve various characters with food! Explore the dusty town of the Sanctum in beautiful PSX 2.5D graphics to collect food items and converse with NPCs. 

Yeah, the game is extremely buggy right now. It will be patched.


Ruby trudges across the desert in search of a legendary chef. Her search leads to the Sanctum. There, she meets a very unexpected guest and friends...


Move  - WASD/Arrow Keys

Jump - Space Key

Interact - E Key

Dialogue Proceed - Left Mouse Click/Space Bar


  • Joshlynn - Project Lead, Programmer, Game Designer, Story Writer
  • Blood_Jackal23 - Systems Programmer, Game Design Assistant
  • MrScientist - Programmer, Game Design Assistant 
  • Pixitales - Character Artist, Sprite Assistant
  • Jaimal Quezada - 3D Modeler, Environment Concept Artist
  • Morgis - Sprite Artist, 3D Modeler Assistant
  • Scoops - Sprite Assistant
  • XanXus - Music Composer (Title Theme and Town Theme)

 Other Credits:


Download 40 MB
Download 31 MB

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Downloaded the game file, run it just fine but then the game window became like this small. Is this normal? I can barely see the text

You can fullscreen the application with either F10 - F12 I believe. As for the window, that was criteria for any jam submission for the resolution size, sorry about that.

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oh ok imma try f10 - f12 it later


tried to press f10, f11, and f12 but it didn't work so now I'm trying to play the game using a deskop camera. still can't really see the text but it still kinda work


Very cute! I love the theme and feeding-not-fighting concept!

I ran into a few rough spots regarding collisions, camera obstructions, and I wasn’t sure how to get past the initial dialogue with Mother Hen (it seemed like no matter how much rep I had she just repeated the same words?) – but, it was still fun!